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  • Nowra Complex

    PROMOTERS                                    VENUES                       DATES                    A TRACK LIC

    RD 1 FAR SOUTH COAST MCC                               SAPPHIRE SPEEDWAY         2ND /3RD APRIL 2016               TO BE ADVISED                                                                      

    RD 2 COOMA OFF ROAD CLUB                               FAIRFIELD                          30TH / 1ST MAY 2016               TO BE ADVISED                                              

    RD 3 GOULBURN MCC                                           NARRAMBOOLA                  21ST/22ND MAY 2016                TO BE ADVISED                                                                      

    RD 4 MACARTHUR DMCS                                      RAZORBACK                        11TH/12TH JUNE 2016              TO BE ADVISED                                                              

    RD 5 NOWRA MCC                                                TOMERONG                          23RD/24TH JULY 2016              TO BE ADVISED                                              

    RD 6 ACT MCC                                                      FAIRBURN PARK                   10TH /11TH SEPT 2016             TO BE ADVISED                                                   


    Series Coordinator:  Mark Nichols


    RACE SECRETARY                                  ADDRESS                         Contact No.                          Email contact

    RD 1   ANNETTE NICHOLS      PO BOX 13 BEGA 2550                       0408394102                        FSC.MCC@BIGPOND.COM

    RD 2   VICKI FLYNN                 PO BOX 1311 COOMA 2580               64521911AH                       COOMAOFFROADCLUB@GMAIL.COM              

    RD 3   CHELSEA CHENEY        PO BOX 360 GOULBURN                      0437562538                       GOULBURNMCC@BIGPOND.COM       

    RD 4   JOANNE CLARK           18 PINDARI AVE CAMDEN 2570             0432 027417                    JOANNE@MDMCS.COM.AU        

    RD 5   KAREN O’REGAN         PO BOX 940 NOWRA 2540                                                             WAYNE@NOWRAMOTORCYCLECLUB.COM.AU

    RD 6   NICHOLE GIBBS           PO BOX 3150 MANUKA 2603                                                          ACTMCC@LIVE.COM.AU


    CLERKS OF THE COURSE                                      STEWARD                                                              PERMIT No’s

    RD 1   COLIN GRIFFIN                                             MARK NICHOLS                                                      1/16/62035                                                                                                             

    RD 2   ANGIE DUNSMORE                                      DEREK POOLE                                                         1/16/62036                                              

    RD 3   MARK HERFOSS                                           ANDREW ROWLAND                                                 1/16/62037                                                                                                               

    RD 4   RICK GUNN                                                  PETER DOW                                                            1/16/62038                                              

    RD 5   DEREK POOLE                                               BOB JOHNSTONE                                                   1/16/62039                                                              

    RD 6   MARK HERFOSS                                           MARK NICHOLS                                                        1/16/62040                                                              


     1.                  ANNOUNCEMENT:

    The above named clubs, hereafter called the PROMOTER will conduct Rounds 1 – 6 2016 Dirt Action Amcross Interclub Series for both junior and seniors  riders who are members of the above named clubs,  at the natural terrain venues on the dates specified.

    2.                  JURISDICTION:

    2.1.               The above-mentioned INTERCLUB meetings has been authorised by Motorcycling NSW Limited who has issued the Motorcycling Australia Permit Numbers: 1/16/62035, 1/16/62036, 1/16/62037, 1/16/62038,1/16/62039, 1/16/62040 and is open to holders of current Motorcycling Australia National Competition Licences

    2.1.1.         Day licence must be issued prior to the day of event and valid for the date of event – fee $70.

    2.1.2.         Junior log books must be presented at sign on.

    2.1.3.         Completed and signed off theory test must be presented to sign on to obtain your day licence – no theory tests will be signed off on the day of racing.

    2.2.               Age requirements for junior riders will be determined as at 1/1/2016 refer GCR, for seniors the date when first entering the series.

    2.3.               Each junior rider will be required to present current log book at sign on

    2.4.               The meeting will be held in accordance with the current General Competition Rules (GCR’s), these Supplementary Regulations, the By-Laws of Motorcycling NSW and any final instructions.


    3.                  ENTRIES:

    3.1                Entries open six weeks prior to and close midnight Sunday prior to the meeting date, date of receipt determines acceptance when classes are full or when entries are closed.

    3.2                Entries via CLOUD ENTRIES www.cloudentries.com.au. For any difficulty with entries; please contact the race secretary of the relevant round.

    3.3                Current membership card, from one of the promoting clubs, must be presented at registration and each round.

    3.4                In the case of postponement or abandonment of the meeting, all or any part of the entry fee may be retained by the promoter, if such retention is approved by Motorcycling NSW.

    3.5                NOTE: LATE ENTRIES MAY BE ACCEPTED OR REJECTED AT THE DISCRETION OF THE Series Race Secretary –Annette NichOls – 0408394102.

    3.6                A late entry fee of $30.00 will be applied if the club accepts them. no entries on the day.

    3.7                NOTE: return of entry fees is at the discretion of the promoter, if cancellation is made, at least 5 days prior to the meeting, a refund will be made less an administration fee of $10.00. requests for refunds should be made to the race secretary.

    4.              INSURANCE:

    4.1            National Capital Benefits Scheme provides basic cover for death and permanent disability.

    4.2            Personal Accident and Ambulance Insurance is the responsibility of the individual.


    5.              MEDICAL SERVICES:

    Suitably qualified medical personnel will be in attendance from the commencement of practise until the completion of racing for all rounds.

    6.              ENTRY FEE:

    6.1            Juniors:     $65,

    Seniors:     $75 per class,

    Additional Class:      $35

    6.2            Payment can be made by VISA, MasterCard, America Express and Cheque, which will be processed through the PayPal system. You do not require a PayPal account, just click “pay as guest” link at the bottom of the window. This will allow you to pay without signing up with PayPal. PayPal will process the payment like any other regular payment gateway.

    6.3            Confirmation of entry and the issuing of any final instruction WILL BE POSTED ON THE RELEVANT CLUBS WEBSITE.

    7.              PASSES:

    No passes will be issued, refer to promoting club website for acceptance and final instructions. Riders will need to sign an attendance list or card immediately following riders briefing, the card will be handed in to attendant prior to entering practise.

    8.              CLASSES OF COMPETITION:

    Saturday – Junior’s only


    13/14/15yrs             200 to 250cc 4 stroke

    13/14/15yrs             100 to 150cc 2 stroke

    14/15yrs                   85cc 2stroke/150cc 4stroke machines with standard or big wheels GCR 12.6

    12/13yrs                   85cc 2stroke/150cc 4stroke machines with standard or big wheels GCR 12.6

    9/11yrs                     85cc 2stroke/150cc 4stroke machines with standard wheels GCR 12.6

    9/11yrs                     65cc 2 stroke includes 4 stroke machines as per GCR 12.6

    7/8yrs                        65cc 2 stroke includes 4 stroke machines as per GCR 12.6

    7/8yrs                        50cc Division 2 Auto GCR 12.6

                                       Parents All Powers 

    *For a parent to ride they must be on the same Medicare/Health Care Card child riding in the same event or have ridden at a previous meeting in the series. ONE DAY GUARDIANS for junior’s riders can’t ride in the parent class.

    If you ride on Saturday you cannot enter in Sunday’s events.


    Sunday – Senior’s only

    16 – U19yrs               C grade up to 250cc

    19yrs & over               C grade up to 250cc

                                      C grade open over 250cc

                                       C grade All powers

    35 – 44yrs                  All powers/ All grades

    Over 45yrs                  All powers/ All grades

                                       Ladies C grade All powers

                                       A & B All powers


    Small entry classes may be run in conjunction with another similar small entry class.

     Riders can enter more than one class on the same bike, for example you can enter the C grade open as well as an age class with the same bike if eligible.

    9.              AWARDS AND PRIZEMONEY:

    As per GCR points will be awarded for each race, on basis of 35 points for the winner of each race.

    Series trophies only will be presented to the first 10 qualifiers in each class of juniors, and top 5 for seniors.

    Riders must compete in a minimum of 4 rounds to qualify for a trophy.

    Juniors only – a competitor’s award will be given to those riders who attend 4 rounds and do not finish in top ten.

    Accumulative points will determine the series placings.

    For tied positions – clause, then of GCR will apply

    Margaret Watson Trophies (Male & Female) will be awarded to the rider who scores the highest cumulative number of points in any one class over the series (max. 630 points)


    10.1         To constitute a class, the number of contestants entered and competing in each class shall be 10.

    10.2         Should there be insufficient entries in any class of competition, the decision to run or cancel the class, or to combine events and re-distribute any awards and/or prize money, will be at the discretion of the promoter, subject to Motorcycling NSW approval.

    11.          RACE FORMAT:

    11.1          All classes will be over 3 x 10 min races or equivalent number of laps (except the 50cc/65cc which will be 7 mins or equivalent). The actual race times will be at the discretion of the Clerk of Course, depending on the circumstances on the day.

    11.2         Series: Scoring will be as per GCR’s.  i.e. 35 points will be allocated to the overall 1st place at the end of each meeting, 32 pts for 2nd place, 30 pts for 3rd place, 28 points for 4th place, 26 points for 5th place, etc, to be accumulated over the six rounds, with the maximum possible being 630 points achieved per class for the series. Each competitor who competes in a race and finishes higher than 30th place will receive 1 point, non-finisher’s 0 points

    12.          MACHINES AND RIDERS:

    12.1         All machines entered must comply with the current GCR’s for Motocross competition.

    12.2         Multiple entry of the one machine in the same class of competition is not permitted.

    12.3         In the event of bike failure, permission to substitute a machine in entered class will be made by the Clerk of Course. Substitute machine must have passed machine examination and be of no greater capacity than the substituted machine.

    12.4         Noise &/or Fuel Testing may be carried out at any time during this meeting.

    13.          RIDING NUMBERS:

    13.1         Competitors will be allocated their riding number at round 1, preference for those with registered riding numbers will be given at round 1 only, once allocated, numbers will be retained for the entire series, unallocated numbers will be used for those riders who enter after round 1 or change classes, allocated numbers take priority over any other numbers .

    13.2         All number plates on all machines MUST comply with the GCR’s.

    13.3         Back numbers must be worn.

    14.          GRID POSITIONS:

    Selection of grid positions will be determined by pegs for the first moto, the peg number will be the order you go out, not your gate, then places from previous moto for subsequent moto’s on the day.

    Round 6 – selection for the first moto will be from cumulative point’s scores for the series to date.  Subsequent moto’s will be from placings in previous moto.

    15.          RIDERS BRIEFING:

    A riders’ briefing will be held prior to the commencement of practice and ALL competitors MUST attend.  Riders’ Briefing sign-on sheets must be signed by the competitor as confirmation of attendance.


    By order of Motorcycling NSW, random drug &/or alcohol testing of participants (i.e. officials, competitors, mechanics, pit crew and any other person associated with the control, direction and operation of the competition) may take place prior to, or at any time during this meeting.

    17.          CODE OF CONDUCT:

    All competitors, officials and parents are reminded of the Motorcycling Australia - CODE OF CONDUCT (as stipulated in the GCR’s) which is a guide to appropriate behaviour at all motorcycle race meetings.  This CODE OF CONDUCT applies to this meeting and shall be enforced.

    18.          TIMETABLE:

    Saturday & Sunday:

    Sign on & Scrutineering:        7.00 to 8.30am

    Riders Briefing:                        ASAP once sign on and scrutineering close

    Start of Practice:                     ASAP after Riders Brief

    Start of Racing:                        ASAP after Practise has completed

    Practise – random order will apply, for release in single file, with max 60 on the track

    Check final instructions for any variations


    For the purposes of drug & alcohol testing, the commencement of the meeting will be deemed to be 7am Saturday & Sunday, with the completion of the meeting for the participant being at the completion of racing.

    19.          CIRCUIT DESCRIPTION:

    All natural terrain venues.

    20.          STARTS:

    40 backward falling individual gates

    MX/SX PROCEDURE – A 15 Second Board will be displayed to all riders.  At the end of 15 seconds a 5 second board will be displayed.  After a full 5 seconds, but not exceeding 10 seconds, the gates will drop.

    21.          RACING:

    PRACTICE – will be 3 laps

    22.          NOISE:

    All machines must comply with the requirements of the GCR’s.

    Random testing of machines may take place at any time during the meeting 


    23.1         No Series entries.   

    23.2         Presentation of awards will take place at the final round of the series (positions 1st to 5th or seniors, positions 1st to 10th for juniors).

    23.3         Full catering services including breakfast will be available both days at each venue

    23.4         Parents who ride on Saturday cannot ride on Sunday, purpose is to create family interest not to afford extra practice

    23.5         Junior age as at 1st January 2016

    23.6         All entries will be via Cloud Entries www.cloudentries.com.au

    No entries will be accepted on the day.

    Entry forms posted in will not be accepted unless approved by the series race secretary coordinator and/ or the round race secretary

    23.7         All riders under 18yrs must bring a parent to sign on, or have a signed temporary guardian form. Please ensure third party indemnity is signed on back of entry form and if required a Deed of Temporary Guardian form.

    23.8         Riders must undertake flag marshal duties or provide a suitable alternative; this particularly applies to those seniors who have entered more than one class.              

    23.9         MA member protection policy applies to this meeting

    23.10      Goggles: riders are encouraged to use roll on type goggles for the 2016 series. Tear offs will be banned from 1st January 2017 Appendix A GCR

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